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I have worked in retail for a bit of time and well I can see that it is time to just step out and try something new. I am not sure where to start I have been looking online and I see so many opportunities out there I am just not so sure how to get started. I know that I am ready to create a website and learn how to do it yet there is nothing I know about that. I am looking for someone who is willing to take the time and help me. I am not necessarily wanting to start from scratch I am wanting to find a system that has worked in the past and is working today and will continue to work. I am trying to find a way to start making it and I want to be able to take the steps I have to to do this. I have jumped into many things and I just keep running into the issue of having no clue how to do them. Then again probably one of my biggest problems is that because I have jumped into to many I have gotten confused and it is time for me to stop just jumping from one to another and get focused on just one. Having and finding a mentor that is willing to take that time to work with me and take the time to go through the steps as a guidance.

If you are interested in taking that time you can contact me at

call me at 2086313861
or find me on skype: Brynt Mitchell

Thanks for your time,
Brynt Mitchell

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Guiding me through what options are good, what options actually work. Helping me to learn what to do and be willing to guide me to be able to do it not on my own but being able to get to that point when needed/ready to. Helping to build a website and showing me how to do it myself with a better understanding of it. Thanks

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