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Hello! My name is Stacey, I am a Natural Healer, Reiki Master, Tarot Therapy Counselor, Certified Goal Success Coach, Certified NLP Practioner, Writer, aspiring author and speaker.

I have an excellent business I want to start, a Natural Healing Center, which I believe will revolutionize the way society approaches healing. My business also has 5 Non-profit organizations that I want to create and they will assist one another, as well as assist the healing center. As you can imagine my goals are gigantic, but so was Disneyland and look how that turned out! I really need a mentor because I need the business knowledge and skill-sets in order to successfully achieve this Legacy I intend to create
I am currently a student at Grand Canyon University to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies and I am extremely dedicated to having success with this lofty goal of mine and I have a strong and solid reason why to ensure that I never lose motivation! I am looking forward to meeting my mentor and working with that person to achieve success!

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Commitment to the Mentorship, quality learning experience with actionable steps and realistic advice. Resources, tools and hacks would be great as wel. I expect real world knowledge and experience, honesty, integrity, passion and compassion. And a willingness to uplift me in my goals with positive outlooks not negative naysayers. If something seems unrealistic, to look for creative options and solutions that work successfully to make the unrealistic a solid successful reality.

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