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I am a Realtor in my first year of business working a day job to make ends meet while trying to grow my real estate business. I have had a a few small business' throughout the years but none have have really gained traction. I have always been very successful in my sales positions but it's time to move on from employee back to employer. I now have four children and I want to create an incredible life for them and myself and be able to give the way my soul desires. I'm driven but sometimes feel I lack the insight to move beyond my comfort zone (sometimes I feel like it is fear of success that holds me back) and have lacked interaction with anybody experiencing restrictions that have broke through those barriers.
I work with a team and the team lead is a great person and a dear friend but I feel the friendship hinders his ability to truly mentor me. I what to use residential real estate as a gateway to a much larger career in the world of real estate.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

To gain insight from the mentors experiences, values, knowledge and skills.
To help me learn how to gain awareness of potential obstacles and opportunities.
To receive feedback on my interpersonal relationships, my communication external as well as internal, abilities, as well as leadership strength and weakness'
Help to clarify what is needed to grow personal and professionally.
Help to reach my goals and hold me accountable in acquiring those goals

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