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Hi future mentor

I have been looking for your guidance for a long time!

You are successful working for yourself (self made person) - success to me means you have provided VALUE and impacted the lives of other people who have also become successful and are helping others to achieve success.

I have a LOT of skills in:
* entrepreneurship
* IT (Software/ hardwar web design, software testing)
* online marketing (lead generation, sales funnels, auto responders, landing pages, seo, organic and paid lead generation, to name a few)
* telesales/ customer service

I am always focused on personal development and a positive mind set. My PERSISTENCE has kept me going despite many failures which I have accepted as part of a learning curve.

I understand there is no push button riches and you have to work to achieve success.

I want to become an asset to a mentor and offer my vast skillset in return for mentorship and make it a win-win relationship!

To our success!

What I Expect From A Mentor:

As suggested, once a week to start sound good. I wouldn't want the relationship by 'taking,' considering my vast experience I also have a lot to give to make this win-win relationship :)

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