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Im looking for a mentor in the business world that can help show me the was of becoming more then i am now. I have worked very hard on a business in promotions and marketing for about 10 years and am having trouble. Being i have no schooling i have been doing my best to build my business from something small to a castle my company is www.MSPROMOTIONS.NET and im the owner and very proud of it but need help on how the marketing and promotional world works. I have the charm and strength just need the guidens to show me what i may be doing wrong.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I want someone that is firm and strong in the business and marketing and promotional world that can understand my limits but doesnt let that stand in the way of teaching me all that they know. I want them to help show me how to build my castle to better my life my family and ways to help show others how to better there life as well. I want to know all that i can from you to become a mentor just like you to teach others. So show me how to become a marketer, promoter. business consul-ten.

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