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I have a very busy life. I am successful having taken one family run business from a six figure revenues to now in excess of nine figures. Along the way I have started and co-founded a number of businesses. My life focus is to be successful in whatever I try. I married my high school sweetheart and we have 3 wonderful children. My oldest who is 6 has autism and we have been on a journey, traveling from city to city and sometimes cross border in an attempt to find the best long term solution for my family. I am always looking for inspiration, networking, opportunities and most importantly happiness. I believe I should never stop learning.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I would expect my mentor to help me continue learning and growing as a person. In large part I believe we are defined by the relationships we make thru our lives. My life is not normal, and it will take someone exceptional to help me grow, as such I am patient but persistent in my belief that there is always someone out there that has something more to teach me.

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