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My name is Warren, I'm 25 I have:
1.Served in the Army for 3 yrs
2.I have a skeleton website I'm learning to use.
3.I started getting back into health and fitness last year to build good habits.
4.Love to learn, I've begun reading between 30Min and 2Hrs a day.
5. Live in Oregon
6.Am Paying on a new R.V to reduce housing costs.
7.Plan on becoming financially independent.
8. Have big Dreams
9.Want to make the world a better place than I found it
10. Want to get as much practical knowledge as possible.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I've learned that I don't know as much as I think. I have no expectations in terms of you being perfect, because no one is. I want to learn and not waste your time, and I hope you want the same.

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