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hello my name is Austin Bryan Domingue i'm 20 years old have a high school diploma and certified in food service. I love to push forward as much as i can and look for new opportunities as they pop up i've had three jobs McDonald,Goodwill, and Southern management but when i worked there I didnt like it not the work but the same day same thing is what i didn't like. I like being able to go out and meet people and making interactions with people I like getting on computers buying and selling things. I like being able to have an open free job not a set in stone job but i need help getting there cause every where i turn to has been leading to a dead end and i need to help to further my future for the better. i need someone to help guide me to my goals.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Im looking for someone to help me with my goals getting started would like to talk to them at least once a day weather it be over facebook text message video chat or in person

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