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Mentoring for me began at an early age, guided by my Grandmother I started mentoring people at the age of 10. I am fortunate to be an empath who uses an intuitive nature to work with people from varying backgrounds globally. I believe like all people, you have potential just sometimes it is locked away, unable to forge through diversity or only you don't know what gifts you have.

I am a Self-Reliance Mentor who can help you reach your potential. I aim to have you self-reliant, using your intuition, intelligence and more to thrive. My areas of speciality are Self-Awareness, Business & Entrepeurner Development, Communications, Voice Therapy, Singing, Yoga Therapy, Relationships; family, work & romantic, a confidant, and more..... for full details.

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What I Expect From A Mentee:

I want to build trust between us to create a relationship built on honesty, follow through and courtesy. I like working with people who have an open mind, want to have an open mind and/or want to be shown there is a whole world out there to feel alive about.

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  • Member since over 6 years
  • Currently mentoring 2 people
  • Mentored 3 people in the past

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