sheryl walls

Life & Personal Development Mentor

I currently work as a mentor and run a mentoring Personal Directive program.
My program is geared toward Helping you Build a better Life through empowerment,encouragement,inspiration and being positive and how important goal setting and planning are. I believe in people and i enjoy getting people to believe in themselves.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

My Expectations are the same as what i will give which is Accountability and Commitment throughout this process. Change can only come about if we commit ourselves to it. I am an on site Mentor if you live in my area and an Online Mentor if you are in another city and I usually meet Online as one on one or in a Group setting Video so please indicate which is your preference if one on one also indicate the Days and Times you prefer if you choose group then we meet via online twice a week my door is always open as well as my ear which means i am always available for my Mentees!!! without question I look forward to being your Mentor.

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Reviews From 1 Mentees:

Mrs Cheryl has been a tremendous help to me in my problems just want to say thank you mrs Cheryl for all you are doing continue the great work

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Written about almost 8 years ago

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