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I have been through many difficult situations and hard times in my life. I have faced many tough challenges for a young person and i have got through every obstacle in my way, with the help of others. I believe that i can give good advice for any situation and would never judge anyone. It would be my pleasure to help anyone from any age, gender, country etc.

Topics I believe I could help the most in: depression, mental health, issues with parents or home life, stress/anxiety, relationship issues, confidence, friendships, getting yourself back to normal due to being in any difficult situation and loss of a family member/someone very close to you. However, I am very open minded and will try my very hardest to help anyone who would like my guidance.

It is important for me to state that i am a young mentor, but, i think that this is not something which should put people off coming to me for advice. I am currently studying Health and Social Care and Sports Sciences at A-level and will be going on to complete my Degree in Counselling with Psychology at university in September 2017.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

All I would expect from a mentee is to be open and honest with me as I think that is the key and necessity to any sort of relationship. Contact even twice a week would be fine by me but I am here any day of the week to talk.

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