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Hi, my name is Timur, originally coming from humble beginnings born in a small family in the west town of Kazakhstan called Aktobe.
I started to work on myself physically and mentally since I was 12 years old. At 17 I left home to study and live abroad in the Netherlands to do my degree in business.
Being behind at school, university or even sports compare to my peers was a common situation for me. However, nothing ever stopped me going forward and believing in my dream life. Therefore here I am almost 30, an underdog with an eye of a tiger, a husband and a father who has 10+ years of experience living abroad, realizing my full potential at professional and personal levels. I can help you go after your goals and the best version of yourself.
You are next!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

All of us dream of something big, but why not start doing something small first.

In my 10 years away from my home I managed to create a good life for myself. What’s good life for me?
It’s a good health of myself and family, strong professional growth and great friendships.

In this new world everyone needs their own strong mentality to make the best life for themselves.

That's what I want to offer.
Leading by my own example I simply want to show that anyone can do it. You too!
Here’s my story in short:

So share with me your dream, ultimate goal, childhood wish, together we will make it happen.

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