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Hi I'm Based in Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, i will Mentor people in England Uk
My Name is Laura i'm 48, I'm a trained Reiki Healing Therapist, i'm currently doing a Training Certification for Life Coaching & Personal Developement, and i will also begin Training in None Violent, Communication, Techniques, as a workshop, Facilitator, and become fully certified in workshop training, soon this year, after August 2017, sometime, i'm aiming to become self employed, and i'm currently researching ways to get financially free, long before i reach retirement age, i Kinda, have a Vision of how i will go about this, My Passion, is Learning, new things, new thoughts and ideas and sharing all i know with others, I love people i'm a people person and People are my business, and are at the heart of all i do and aim for, My true strenghts come from supporting others and holding them up, and helping them to find their own answers to those confusing life questions, i do this by applying Cognative Behavioural Coaching and Transpersonal Coaching and by being a great listener! yes i truely am interested, in just what makes you tick. i'm open warm friendly and i never judge people for their life stuff! and i offer you my services for free! if your based in Manchester i may be willing to meet with you, this would depend on your location, or i'm willing to swap my skills with yours, as i could do with some Entreprenural advice and guidence on money making matters. As this is the one area of my life that i would like to increase, and so thats what my personal focus is on right now. Anyway go a head, and contact me to ask me something, i'm very approachable, and love to help people.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I Expect people to be serious about wanting change in their lives and making a committment, to your self to take action on what you want to happen and stick with the process until the end, I expect people to know the value or learn what it means to be investing in yourself, and in your future!. So if your not serious about what it is you want then dont waste my time, because, i'm totally committed to making changes which bring about positive, Reality Checks!

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