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I am a master Neuro-linguistic Programmer NLP) and Time Line Therapist. For over a decade I was a individual and relationship counselor, business and personal growth seminar presenter, and business coach. My company is Successful Living Institute (website is . Currently I am semi retired. I would like volunteer as a mentor to help people to live a happy, peaceful, successful and fulfilling life.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Congratulations in taking the step in making a change in your life. Imagine living the life you always dream. You can achieve it. To obtain your goals, you need to:
- Be open to learn new tools and techniques to change your life.
- Do the exercise that is emailed to you.
- Consistently communicate and write back your comments.

"Just as our eyes need light in order to see, our minds need ideas in order to conceive." - Napoleon Hill
"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill

To your success and happiness.

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Reviews From 4 Mentees:

i havent heard in 2 yrs

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Written about over 1 year ago

There are so many words I can say about this amazing, amazing human being. She is definelty, some one to look up to and aspire to be like. Her advice is not only sincere and motivating, but honest and heartfelt. Although we have never met and I have been only a mentee for a short amount of time, I feel as if I have made leaps and bounds of progress! I highly recommend her mentor ship to anyone who is actually looking for improvement in their lives. 4 stars across the board! What a great mentor!

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Written about over 7 years ago

Very attentive, thorough and understanding. I would definitely recommend her to friends, family, and colleagues. I thank her for her time and diligence.

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Written about almost 8 years ago

I must truly say my mentee Sarah is really on point with assisting me in the right direction of accomplishing my goals and new journey. Responds in a timely fashion and keep you thinking to meet your needs. Thank you so much Ms. Sarah!

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Written about over 8 years ago

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