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Hello, I'm Kat. I'm turning 52yrs the end of this month, I've raised 4 children and I have 10 biological grandchildren and several more that I claim too. And 1 Great grand daughter. I was married at age 17yrs. and stayed married 12yrs then ended divorced but stayed close friends in the interest of the children until his passing away. I've been in a different relationship with the same man Now for 19yrs, just got married last year. 10/10/2020 Gary. My children are Sarah 31, William 32 Kelly 33 and Daniel 34. Sarah and her Daughter Callista live with Gary and I. I care for Callista while Sarah works. Callista has lived with us for almost 4yrs. My other daughter Kelly's 3 youngest children live here now too. Now that my children are grown I need to find a new path in life. a path of successfulness not just struggles to make ends meet and barely get by. I have overcome so much abuse as a child and young adult and I've tried to rise above and beyond the past, I've forgiven the past hurts and hopefully i'll be able to help other people in the future. I've always believed that god had a larger purpose for me and the situations I've had to overcome in my 52yrs. I've always helped anyone in need if able too and will always help where I'm able to. I've always been a very hard worker in different jobs from babysitting to manager of convenience store. I've been a secretary, house keeper, handy woman doing house remodeling, I've not been in trouble with the law and I have a perfect driving record except 1 no seatbelt ticket 20yrs ago. I'm honest and trustworthy. I believe anything you decide to do in life should be you're best effort and if you're going to do something it's worth doing it right and I believe that you can't learn anything if you don't ask questions. If I find a penny, quarter, dollar at you're house or work or car it's NOT mine because I found it, it belongs to YOU, If it's not mine I don't touch it unless the owner asks me to clean it or move it or fix it. I believe in RESPECT for OTHER PEOPLE. I've done all these things and more without a mentor so I Believe the sky is the limit and I could achieve outstanding success with the right mentor guiding me gently. I'm not into wareing lots of make up or flashy clothes and I'm a bit conservative. Long dresses and skirts, presentable attire for the respectable society. I'm now attending college at University of metaphysics. Working on my bachelor's in metaphysics. Well I don't Know What else I can tell you other than thank you for your consideration in becoming my Mentor. my Number is (501)5297614. I live in Landmark Arkansas a community south of Little Rock. and I LOVE ANIMALS. GOD BLESS U

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not quite sure, guidance, direction, advice, opinions, experience.

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