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I'm a 39 year old husband and dad who has just decided to get his life together, but I'm worried I don't have much time. I've been an EFL instructor for about the last two decades, but I'm burnt out and desperately want to go for my calling, which is work in coaching and consulting. I also have finally very clearly realized what my vision is, but have no idea how to make it a reality. I'm hoping to get some insight into this, and some honest but constructive feedback.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I'm hoping for someone who listens well rather than necessary has the appropriate background knowledge or gives good advice. I'm hoping for someone who can given honest but constructive feedback. I'd really like someone to hold me accountable to achieving both short and long term goals that I set for myself. Ideally it would be nice to work with someone who has experience in networking and marketing and business, but that's not completely necessary.

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