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Hello. You can call me Lilly. But that's just my nick name. Only someone who i connect with call me by my real name. If you're that person. You'll learn it in time. I live in New York and I....i need help in alot more areas than personal and life really. I need some one who can help me in business and jobs. Finacially and in careers. As well as personal/life. Also with school. Im 17 going on 18 in 14 days. I really really want/need help. Like the right help that will get me into and through life. I need someone who has my best interest in me and not just tell me any old willy nilly thing. I need someone honest and is almost like a second parent. Because i only have one and they messed up with me a great deal. But they have their perks. I need someone thats not going to take advantage of me in the slightest bit. And i need someone who's actually willing to help me at anytime of the day. No matter what the circumstances (hopefully they wont be serious too much). I need someone who will look out for me to an extent. So please, if you are the person that i have described or are close to it ( cause noone is perfect) then help me. Im only going to be 18 and i know i cannot function in this world all alone with my own direction or a direction from only one parent. I know i can't conquer this big and bad world on my own. And if i want to make it, I have to have someone/something by my side besides my one parent ( who i have too many bad/hard times with). Someone to guide me. Not demand me what to do, but to guide me.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect commitment, trust, honesty, for you to have the best interest in me and for me, to be here for me, give me guidance that will help me in everyday life. I need you to give me advice. And literally almost anytime of day. I expect you to work with me when i become hard to work with. I expect stamina and endurance, because believe me....the kind of life i have
...i have the same thing i need you to have. I have high expectations that you wont take advantage of me in any little way and that you'll tell me what you think i should need to know or anything you can tell me for whatever we happen to talk about. I expect our conversations to be confidential. Noone can know about what we discuss about my life, unless i give permission otherwise. I also expect whatever else i cannot say right now because im still young and light headed and i dont always think about everything. I also expect you to not be so hard and have the time of your time that you can with me. Because im looking forward to good times with you myself.

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