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My story and what brought me here? Life hasn't been really that easy for me it's been filled with anxiety depression mood disorders anger PTSD all from a young age my first tragedy was growing up and seeing my father hurt and hate everyone in his sites I was verbally physically mentally abused not only from my father but from my brothers and that's something I had to deal with for quite some years my brothers did almost anything and everything to hurt me because I was different and I have problems growing up. lost a friend in 2004 I was only 10 and that hit me hard my best friend was only seven and the only friend I have I lived in Norwich Connecticut at that time. From there it's been a roller coaster ride trying to find what fits my life I had my first son at 21 in 2016 it took me a whole year to conceive him then I had another son 2017 and another one 2019 on July 17 2017 I was places in jail for a charge that I didn't commit and that took me away from my children I faught and faught I sat in a prison 23 hours of the day thinking what I did to deserve this to lose my children the only thing that was purpose to me at that time so I plead out to a charge that I simply didn't commit to see my kids again to be by there side to know I have my children again so when I got out I went home to my children a month or two down the road I've gotten a really good job installing tin roofing on housing and complexes i loved it.. that's when I got a call that dcf (department of children and families) was at my house where I lived and that I had to rush home because my childrens mother wasn't taking him to appointments and at this time the baby was a newborn is my last child in 2019 he missed two appointments and on top of that when I was at work the bedrooms would be trashed and she wouldn't clean or feed them right I wasn't aware of this as when I was in jail I'm sure this occurred to so from there I came from work and I fought for my kids just for my children to be taken from me when I have a job a roof over their head bedrooms toys clothes they were financially taken care of and very loved. I now have no job struggling to find one and to cope with my emotions I have a fiance two step kids and a daughter on the way and I'm really struggling to find my life goals that I need to achieve I have so many interests in so many skills I know I can do this I just need some help someone I can understand me I put my effort in to change and that's what I want in life is to change to be better not just for myself but for my children thank you for hearing my story I really appreciate it and that's just the beginning there's so much more that I struggle with that I live with.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Commitment of the mentorship is a big key to I expect I know everyone goes through some things in life but I'd like a mentor that's been through at least something I have to go through or witness my needs are to be seen daily weekly as I'm shuffling I'm a very straight up person so I expect honestly and respect

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