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On my middle age, On my journey achieving what I am willing to, on my peak, I struggle to break through, many ideas jumping and popping all the time, too many ways and waves to ride, I have tried many businesses off and online, spend a lot on self learning, Life coach, self development, creative positive, empower and courage, never give up Mindset, Sense of humor, (I think) it humor or humour?hmmm......
Working hard on my self development, struggling lack of clarity and lack of time management. I have been hovering around doing this step '' Find a Mentor '' years ago, and now I broke it down and here we are! :)
I was confused between choosing in the categories: ( Life and self development Or business and entrepreneurship).
I did my best to write down these lines Hoping that I have given a good picture where I am standing/heading/ blocking at! Believer of ( Can do it). and I hope it gave a first impression about me as well :)
Make it a Good Day

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect some brain storming on how to niche down to choose what path to choose to start to structure my life around it to progress based on a clear plan (short term initially) till it becomes a habit and develop it with more practice. need to define my Vision Board.
I am working part-time job currently and all my left time is spending on my self development and learning .
So I would like to cheer up my mentor and be positive I expect that I will be more clear in my head that will lead me to sort things out and see things and spot the potential within me from outside the bubble I am in at the meantime!

I hope I have covered the wide lines.

Thank you

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