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Hello I am trying to write a documentary about a service hair in the USA and all 50 states...That has become known as destroying families..
. I have recognized this is true by it actually now happening to me. It is very important factor that is actually happening on a daily basis and that people have not really become as aware of this corruption as I have... And won't until somebody does something about it. I need help trying to distinguish what I'm trying to write and get me a story out there and the support system that I'm in need of two recognize this isn't a make-believe type of situation this is real... families are being such a gated based on being low income less education disability lack of housing Etc...
The system that I'm talking about has played out for years and it's only gotten worse they earn money by doing what they do and they leave the family that they destroy hang in Dazed and glazed because they actually believe they really did something wrong when they didn't mean while their whole family is ripped apart all because of just being low income and less educated... Just can't go on
I didn't know only be a light are the only ones that long on the planet Earth... This is what it would appear to be if you see what it's going on when they rip apart families and make new families out of the old families all based on the idea of the other family the original one I'm not handle to equip either financially by Health Wise or education-wise to raise a family... This needs to be stopped..
I have plenty of information that can prove this is being done and happening daily... I am looking for somebody to help me document a story that I can be able to put lease out there and helped me get through some of the rough spots on this topic is writing in which in case I need help on my English and Grammar..
I really need help on this as soon as possible it is so urgently needed to be done to get it ready...
Thank You...

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