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After working for the same company for 5 years and another year under new ownership, I was laid off in February 2019. The reason given was not due to my job performance, but a business decision as my position had been eliminated. The company restructured phone calls to be handled by a call center. I was given three weeks severance pay, signed paperwork and packed up my office. That was one year ago as February 26. I am 60 years old,no degree, and my background was clean until I made a mistake in 2013. On the bright side, I have extensive work experience and knowledge. I need to stay positive and motivated. This has been extremely difficult. I get overwhelmed and feel a mentor can keep me balanced and focused. After reading Phillip Salaah's profile, I feel he would personally be a great fit, I believe pursuing a path without God will never truly work, and he is an overcome bad decisions as well. That experience and insight may prove a great benefit to me, and keep me moving forward with confidence. Thank you for your consideration.

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