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I need to work with these ideas, and get my life working together for my family at 61 y.o. New business, new work, no relationship and designing our home.

Law of vibration/frequency
1. Be specific, crystal-clear vision of what you would love?
And see yourself in the picture you create in these 4 areas.
a. Health and Wellbeing (Energy, Fitness, Home Decor)
b. Relationships (Love of my wife and more friendships that support our vision, connection and closeness)
c. Vocation (videos, sound engineering, music school)
d. Time/Money Freedom (holidays that matter and still relaxing)

2. Think strategically way more often than reactively, thinking through the result rather than through the problem
3. Surround yourself with a circle of support and influence, it’s their thinking and being in harmony with the thoughts that produce the success results you’re looking for, and that which generates the prosperity you are looking for (small groups, mastermind groups, dedicated groups)
4. Find a gifted, ‘personal’ mentor to help when you get insecure
5. Let someone help you do what you can with what you have and with where you are at the current moment, to become aware of the small hinges (nudges) that make a big difference over time.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

To help me work my plan and any further plans we create. To assign pertinent readings to enhance my learning and understanding of life and work. To use ideas I have already studied with various master teachers. Mostly, to be kind and understand my varied interests and complexities.

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