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Hello, my name is James Rodriguez, I'm 22 , from south jersey. I'm currently a field service technician. lately I've been seriously reconsidering my career. I know I'm still young but all I'm focused on is my future wealth. I have been thinking about going back to college recently but I'm unsure of what I should go for. I love to use my hands but I also love to give direction. I could see myself switching to an office setting or something of the sort. I've had many occupations since I was 18 my moto has been the more I know the more I'm worth I feel like it'd be best if I had someone who has already acquired wealth to mentor me and give me advice on mistakes they've made at my age.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I'm honestly just hoping for someone to give me good guidance. Someone who can give me tips and advice on mistakes they may have made at my age.

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