Alex haze

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Well ive just always had difficulties staying motivated and confident. Sometimes need an extra push to keep me going in the right direction. sad to say, but i dont have much of a support system. Cant say i ever have. I was never guided in the right direction as a young boy and grew up without a good father to show me how life works for a man. Im doing okay i live in a apartmemt with my son and his mother. i have a son thats 1 1/2 and another on the way. And i do not work. Partly because im affraid to leave my family because ill miss them. And partly because i dont want to worry about my partner inviting another guy over.. which has actually been atempted. I find it difficult to get past that and to actually find a job oppertunity that i like and pays good. Its crippling my life in a way. I just need some guidence in the right direction if anyone can help me id apreciate it! Thanks!


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