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Through my registered social worker background, I have been led on a very unique career and life journey which has led me to the place I am at now where I am experienced enough and have the knowledge to share about how to navigate personal life transitions that are challenging or may need gentle guidance from someone with lived experience or someone who is unbiased within your life. My approach combines practical tips with emotional support, helping you build self-confidence that is from within and not reliant on any external factors, and develop what it takes to encourage meaningful steps towards your goals - whatever they may be!

Life's challenging can often feel overwhelming but I've found that guidance and encouragement go a long way. I'm here to offer a listening ear, realistic feedback, and strategies that have helped me and many others that I have supported navigate through both personal and professional challenges.

We can explore your potential and create a path forward that is both fulfilling and achievable based on where you are at, and what you are ready for.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Typically, mentorship sessions last between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You must be prepared to make a commitment that is short-term or long-term at the start of contact to ensure that we are both understanding and able to meet the arrangement terms.3-9 months is my preference for any mentorship relationship.

You can decide whether you'd like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. What I expect is that you outline what your expectations are within those weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly sessions and why you think the frequency is suitable for what you have outlined. I will review and add my feedback on whether or not I agree.

Mentee should come prepared to each session with updates, questions or topics that are on the Wishlist of things to discuss. This preparation helps make the most out of each session and allows me to have an idea of what is most important to you or guide you away from areas that are not really of value for you to explore.
Homework and tasks will be expected to be completed between sessions. This will depend on the introductory session and what you have outlined being your need. Some people need more intensive activities such as workbooks, some just need articles and worksheets. This will be designed in a completely person-centered way which will encourage you to have autonomy over the relationship and what the outcomes are.

My Guidelines and Boundaries:
Professionalism: The relationship should remain professional and respectful. Personal boundaries must be acknowledged and maintained. Outlined before the sessions take place as everyone has different boundaries.

Confidentiality: Discussions within the mentorship sessions are kept confiential but as always there is a limit to that confidentiality which I will be able to get into before the first session. This is to increase trust and openness between yourself and I.

Respect for Time: I will respect your time, and you will respect mine. Rescheduling is possible but keep in mind that last-minute emergencies do not happen all that often and if you have been late, or become a repeat no-show after two sessions, then I will terminate the mentorship agreement we had. I will always give 12 hours' notice if there is any reason for cancelation. If this is not possible and there is a cancelation within the 12-hour period, then a discussion will be held about how you would like to proceed depending on how it affected you.

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