charles mwanyumba

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Iron shapen Iron. I believe that experience is the best teacher.Am a born again christian, also a soldier in the Air force, aeronautical engineer. I have been able to assist most of my colleagues in college to recover from pain, loneliness and so critical youth challenges like masturbation, sex addiction, drug abuse and more. All along in life i have undergone up and downs, i have experienced a lot of pain and i was able to recover. i have experienced loss of close family member. As a single guy i have experience on how lonesomeness can cause harm to someones future. Some of critical challenges youth undergo i have experienced.
And now i believe if i can share my life story with someone who has similar challenges in life he/she can get assistance. Am very open to my students and also i want someone to be frank so that we can see way out.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect a mentee to be focused all through the mentorship process. To keep track of all what will be discusing. He/she must be ready to be mentored and be open. I will be available to help all through according to her/him should set a time that he/she feel is comfortable at least twice per week

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