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Hi i have just qualified with an organisation called khulisha.
i am firm also lenient i wont tolarate rudeness as i am here to help you. i am sure once we get to know each other you will know and find out what im really about.
i am real, honest trust worthy and keep things where they are meant to be.Confidentiality is a high priority to me any thing dicussed is between me and you.
i dont beat around the bush i get straigth to the point.
i have just finished level 2 in counselling so with the mentoring it has given me an advantage to help people in different ways. in this job u have to have the skills,tools and life experience to understand your mentee.
so if u feel u would like to talk about something troubling u or something i can help with contact me and see.
At the moment i am working with mentees in prisons all around london and have had real success in changing peoples lives no matter what you have done never give up on yourself. i always tell my Mentees we are here for a reason lets forfill that reason.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I would like to get to know you first then graudually i will let you know what i expect from you.

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