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I am 58 years old Male, living in the UK England,
I had a good childhood, and good caring parents, I have been through many difficult times in life and relationships and marriage,when I was in 18 and visiting Birmingham (200 miles from home) I was gang raped by a gang of men and two girls, the girls were about 17 and were telling the men (they all seemed around 17 to 20) what to do to me, and when they had finished their horrendous attack on me, the last one out stabbed me with the old type aluminium ladies comb with the long pointy handle,the others had run off, but my anger came and i poked him in the eye and pulled his eye ball out, sounds bad yeah I know, but I wanted him to remember that day for the rest of his life just as i relive it every day, it was 1975, so I never reported it, as how would I explain that ordeal to anyone, so I traveled home bleeding and got it stitched up, said i had fallen on to something while being silly, I Have been cheated on many times, my first wife had over 2,000 one night stands in the 21 years we were married, I knew she had started cheating after our second son was born, but as men never seemed to get custody of their children in those days, even if they were the injured party, I decided to stay and bring my two lovely sons up, and live a miserable life inside my head,so the day my last son left home, I left her , and went to live 30 miles away, met a new woman 6 months later, and divorced my ex, I found thick books hidden away before i left, and it had every detail of every one night stand she had ever had, there were over two thousand men in there,Dates, Age, descriptions, Penis size, and score out of ten, so wow was I lost for words when i found that, anyway I re married three years later to my second wife,she had an operation called a TVT due to weak bladder and pelvic floor muscles they stitch in a mesh to tighten muscles, well since that day 13 years ago she was left with total numbness in her anus and vagina, and cant feel anything in the first 4 inches of her vagina, so she cannot feel me at all as i am 4 inches erect, she was so sad at this as she obviously felt de-feminised, so we talked about things and she asked if we could join a swingers site, so that she could have more well endowed men than me, so she could feel something, well as she is such an honest and caring wife(and would never cheat behind my back, we jointly agreed to do this so we joined a swinging site so that we could have fun with other couples, and nobody would need to cheat on me again, well my wife had fun with over 40 men, but the ladies in the couples wouldn't have sex with me as they said my penis at 4 inches erect, was too small and that their husbands who were all over 8 inches, and they wouldn't play with anything smaller than they can have at home, so I agreed that we would just have a few select men to come round to have sex with her, one including my best friend of 38 years,and she said she wanted me to have a single guy profile so I can have fun too(with another Lady), been on there 10 months and not one bit of interest... so small isn't good for the women on these sites, but hey I have only to wait for the right one who hasn't got a big vagina...
my reason for telling you this, is because yeah shit happens, and I am a survivor, as I want you to be, I work in Mental health and it's a pleasure helping people through their difficult journeys through life, when sometimes we feel we don't want to be here, so to all you people out there, you are not alone, I will help you male or female, tell me or ask me anything you wish you will never embarrass me, I will help in any way I can, but if you want me to Mentor you, I want more than one liners, we need to converse, that's the only way communication, I Don't judge, I am not sexist(in fact I have more women friends than Men, just my preference) but Man or Woman don't bottle it up, when people can help,
I hope to hear from you soon !!!!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect as much information and input, as people would expect from me, not just one liners, but detailed lengthy messages of what is happening to you, tell me all your problems, no matter what they are I don't mind, that is why I am here to Help!!! I will never Judge you !!

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