Ms. Vik

Life & Personal Development Mentor

Hello I'm Victoria, I am a professional who is Inspired to Empower. My confidence is at a level I feel every person should process naturally within themselves, not from the level of ego, but by keeping purposeful self close and in check. I'm often told I give really good advice, I don't always feel that way, because we are creatures of habit, and are doomed to repeat. I am and stay in conscious flow without force it's my best disposition to plan, and prepare effectively to receive the best answers for everything in my life without force. I believe in strengthening my muscles around the way I think, see things, my health, and decisions that wake me up each morning to say I am in the now, and now I am ready to do this life now Thank you, and can I have some more tomorrow. I'm kind, direct, and believe in mind mapping to get the best answers to solutions.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

You must be sincere, dedicated respectful to me, time, my purpose, and to yourself. Committed to the goals, steps, and practices that we both create that will show improvements with lasting results. I practice Flow over Force. I listen to hear progress and if in time there isn’t results then I know your not the right person for you. You owe it to yourself to make better choices, and decisions, before the walls crash down. You must want harmony and peace, willing to understand and except others, Not being prideful or conceited. If this is what you need in becoming You
Ms. Vik

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