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In my 45 short years of life, I have come to realize that I am one of the most amazing people I know. I know you may think that statement sounds a bit arrogant and conceited, but I had to realize that in this life, I have to be my own biggest fan! I have to cheer me on when no one else will. You must get to a place where you are one of the greatest people you know.

There have been times where I got so angry at the fact that I was not living the "life of my dreams." I was angry because it seemed like all I did was barely made. I realized a few things regarding those struggles. 1 I am still here! If you are reading this then you my friend are still here. Still here, means you have another chance to get it right. 2. I am a whole lot stronger than what I gave myself credit for. I have come to the realization that there is not an obstacle that I cannot face and soon get over. I want you to realize that you have that same intrinsic power and strength to do amazing things in your life.

I am now living the "life of my dreams." Let me qualify that statement by saying, I do not live in a 15,000 sqft mansion, i do not drive a Ferrari and have millions in the bank. My wife and I reside in a beautiful loft and drive 1 car. You see the life of my dreams does not include all the material stuff that will burn or breakdown, but having peace, love, joy, rest and strength is what I desire the most.

Let me help you break through the barriers of self limiting beliefs and start building a foundation of resilience and strength that will catapult you into the life of your dreams.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I am committed to giving you the best mentorship possible. I will be very real and very transparent and only expect the same in return. I will hold your hand and caudal if needed but will also hold you accountable to self destructive behaviors and mindset. I expect you to expect more of yourself as the greatest person you know and expect more of the relationships around you.

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