Phillip Salaah

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"Your success is attached to your PURPOSE, why you were born." - "Your future is NOT ahead of you, it's inside you." - Do you feel like you're not living life at its very best, even though you're a Christian? - What's holding you back?

Welcome to "LIVING IN THE DREAM" The dream God has for you, not your actual circumstances! - God says, "Without a VISION/DREAM the people perish." It's a sin not following God's instructions & ALL sin is DESTRUCTIVE.. God has instructed us to live by faith (what we can't see) not by sight! We were never designed to live according to our actual circumstances alone, but to see ourselves the way God sees us!

I have been a Christian for over 20 yrs. & am uniquely qualified to mentor & coach others to achieve their potential & exceed their greatest dreams because I have previously made a lot of bad choices & wrecked my life in the process. "Today & every day I am achieving my potential & exceeding my greatest dreams." I respect all people, but especially those who have "real life experience." Those who have actually been in bad situations & have come out of them & continue to come out of them victoriously. I pay special attention to their tried & true counsel. I bring not just theory or book knowledge, but real life, faith based principals that I personally have found work for whoever will apply them. My only regret is that I wasn't aware of this information earlier in my life.
If you would like to explore this subject further get back to me. Your PURPOSE is your "mission in life."

What I Expect From A Mentee:

• Tell me why this is important to you?
• Be prepared to tell my your God-Given DREAM...
• Speak on the phone for (60) minutes 1x a week

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Reviews From 2 Mentees:

Very good individual with much to offer! Thank you.

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Mr. Salaah is a awesome annoited man of God and I would definitely recommend him as a mentor for spiritual guidance you want regret it....

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Written about almost 8 years ago

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