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I owned Boirum Engineering machine shop Welding Tool Manufacturing and Design.
I now specialize in Engineering and designing new products and prototypes.
I am also a inventor. I have studied patent law and I'm am very familiar with the United States patent and trademark office and the patent search system. I am the owner of Taskmaster Industries. I'm currently building a Nonprofit Foundation that will create jobs for the homeless and displaced youth and Establish a community support system as well as a mentoring program for social entrepreneurs and Innovative New business startups within the community.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I would just like feedback. I want to know you understand. I want you to know your problems are only your problems from your point of view. I think, If I can help you change your point of view and broaden your mind. You will be able to solve your own problems. You will see them diffrently. More as if there someone else's. Because we can all fiqure out other peoples problems (Right). Lol.. But Its true and thats why. Because we see them from a diffrent view point. I am a visionary and can show you how to change your view point tell you see your own solution. Give it a try?

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