Melissa Johnson

Life & Personal Development Mentor

When I was a teen I dropped out of school, I had a lot of issues going on. I thought that my life was over until someone came into my life and helped me, as I plan on helping you . I eventually went back to school , finished and went to college . I have12 years of experience working with children Preschool/ Middle & High School . I obtain a Bachelors Degree in Psychology . I love helping others succeed , I know that I can help anyone in need of my services . I have 6 years of mentorship , 1 1/2 years experience in Special Education , and 6 years in the Mental Health field 6 years working with individuals with intellectual disabilities ages : adolescents- Adults as well.
I do charge a very small fee of 20 dollars per session . I usually mentor locals but I have expanded my services to anyone in need of a mentor . I have helped many people in the world . You can correspond with me through email:
I accept payments through cashapp : Liltazcominthru or paypal .If you can not afford the 20 dollar per session I will accept a coffee , I know it's a pandemic and some people are still not working .
I hope to hear from more mentees soon , this is not just about me getting paid for my services this is a ministry . I love what I do ..

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect my mentees to accomplish the goals I have set for them , I expect them to be respectful and considerate of my time as I would theirs . If you schedule a session I ask if you cant keep the scheduled time let me know cause other mentees can be scheduled. I expect my mentees to be serious about the mentorship that I offer because I will be serious about helping you accomplish your goal.

More about this mentor:

  • Member since almost 9 years
  • Currently mentoring 7 people
  • Mentored 3 people in the past

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