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Hello Everyone,
I am a Mentor and love what I do. I was raised to listen never judge I am 38 years old . I am from Texas and was raised between Texas and California. I have worked in the medical field for 10 plus. I am currently a Caregiver and enjoy doing what I do. I am a supporter an a Parent of an autistic children. I've been a mentor for over 15 years. I enjoy being here for you or anyone that comes onto my path. If you just see my profile and scroll but do not chose me to be your mentor please do this one thing for me . Look at yourself in the minor Breath, Tell yourself you are worth it , there is a storm before every rainbow and don't forget Everyone walks the same path, just in different shoes in different environments. No one is perfect so please do not expect to be . For every Positive there is a Negative and vice versa. But this too shall pass *Ms. Moore*

What I Expect From A Mentee:

They ask me what do I expect from you? Very little :) Nothing to hard. I expect you to be true to yourself, commitment to yourself, Trust , and Honesty. I can not help you if you are not open to helping yourself. Most of all just have patience with yourself. Nothing happens over night.

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