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Thank you for taking a look at my profile. My name is Rhett, I'm a 35-year-old living in New York City (Gramercy). I am a recovery counselor for men and women struggling with substance abuse /addiction. I am also a writer and mental health advocate. I am incredibly grateful for this life, grateful simply to be a sentient, living being. I invest much of my time in volunteer work, believing that by being of service to others is the path to fulfillment and happiness. I would like to share my story of recovery and reveal the different processes that have relieved me from many years of self-destructive behavior, depression, anxiety, and at times outright misery.

Insight into the human struggle comes from personal experience and the subsequent loving relationship developed with the practice of psycho-analysis therapy, mindfulness meditation, and a desire to connect with others. By connecting with others with love and compassion, I continually develop a clearer understanding of my true self. In turn, I hope that this knowledge will enable others to come to a closer understanding of their true self, perhaps enriching their lives and the lives of those around them.

I approach those that ask for help and do not force my views on anyone. I practice a non-judgmental stance in all of my affairs and hope that my experience, courage, and compassion will resonate with those who I have the fortune to work with!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Most importantly, a mentee ought to have the willingness to be honest with themselves. He or she must be willing to work and understand concepts and ways of thinking that may be unknown to them. There is never an expectation of perfection, only an expectation of effort.

I work to build humility in myself and others. I expect a mentee to be humble enough to listen and stay openminded, otherwise I can no longer be an effective mentor - if this happens I choose to use my time to help someone who is ready for help.

A willingness to get better is all one needs to improve. You have taken the first step by seeking help, and for that I applaud you!

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