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l am Joshua Orina from Kenya.l am 19 years old.l am raised in a family of three children with me being the first born of my family.To me mentoring people has been like a gift from God Amighty because l have happened to talk to various people who have finally change and actually allowing their lifes to follow a new dimension.Actually it is with great passion l want to mentor my friends on life style so that they can shun away from evil dids and fit in the society. what you do and the efforts you pit in is what determines your character and your character determines who you are.

What I Expect From A Mentee:

l expect a mentee to open up and express everything that is bothering him/her.He/she needs to cool and have hope that all shall be well.One should not be depressed or be in agony and pressure but should seek for help where anything doesn't go right. One when has a need should stood out firmly to share with any mentor so as to get appropriate advice on what to do.One should use the details on the website to reach me for support and all shall be well In Jesus Name.

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