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Hi, my name is Katy Andrews, I am an experienced and accredited ICF (level 4) Life Coach and mentor.

I am also certified to CPD accreditation level 4 in counselling and therefore I take a theraputic approach in my coaching particular in areas such as People centric and rational emotive behavioural therapy.

I can offer you a low cost first session to see if we are a fit to work together and please take a look at my services page on my website before hand to see if there is something you wish to pursue and we can discuss this further.
Do let me know in advance if you are focused on moving forward in your life or if you feel you want to explore anything in the past or present state first to enable you to move forward.

If you want some supercharged accountability support that is quicker without the need to book time in then head here:

Why are my services not free?

Because from my experience people are more invested when there is a money exchange. I do however offer your first session at a low cost to see if we are a fit to work together.

If you would prefer weekly or something more regular then I offer one low cost session and then you can check out and access my paid for services here

I am originally from the UK and since 2022 I have been traveling the world in order to achieve my own major life goals and happiness.

You can find out more about my story and read my reviews here:

I have dealt with various issues through my life such as procrastination and low confidence.

I have been a Coach and mentor for several years now and I have helped many many people achieve life goals, overcome procrastination and gain confidence.

I am honest, open and have high emotional intelligence and I tend to work best with INFJ type personalities. So if you are quite reserved or introverted then get in touch!

Please feel free to reach out to me to discuss your unique situation and Ill let you know if it is something I can support you with.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Katy Andrews
The Wandering Coach

What I Expect From A Mentee:

Commitment to showing up to any appointments or open coversations if you cannot attend prior to the session. Commitment to completing agreed work. Open honesty throughout. Accepting that working with me requires change.

I will offer you one low cost session and all I ask in return is to show up to the session and refer to my services page at and choose something that you feel may suit you to move you closer to your goals.

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Reviews From 1 Mentees:

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to share some heartfelt thoughts about my mentor, Katy, and the incredible journey we've embarked upon. Katy's guidance and support have been invaluable to my project, and I'm truly grateful.

Katy's mentorship has played a pivotal role in exploring the world of time management through the lens of as I like to call it; "Just Like a Clock.", It's been a fascinating experience, as we've delved into the intricate mechanics of time, almost like we're becoming miniature clockmakers. Katy has skillfully woven the clockwork's nuances into the fabric of productivity, creating a unique and engaging process.

my journey hasn't always been smooth sailing. I often find myself drowning in a sea of ideas, overwhelm, confusion, procrastination, a challenge exacerbated by mental obstacles and my ADHD. Yet, Katy's patience and unwavering support have been my lighthouse in the storm. She's helped me navigate the confusion and organize my thoughts, making this adventure not only productive but enjoyable.

Katy's mentorship isn't just about the project; it's about personal growth and resilience. Her delightful humour has added a layer of enjoyment to this experience.

As we move forward on our shared journey, Katy has reminded me of the importance of taking breaks and finding moments of balance. Her upcoming ADHD program is a testament to her commitment to supporting individuals like me. It's exciting to know that more people will benefit from her expertise in cooperating with ADHD professionals.

I wholeheartedly recommend Katy as a mentor. She's not just a guide for your project but a partner in your personal development journey. With deep respect and appreciation, I'm honoured to have Katy by my side.

Thank you, Katy and Cheers to our quirky, clockwork journey! support and future successes!
P.S. If your wall clock seems never to be on time, Call Katy!

Best wishes everybody, Just keep going.....

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