Jarvis Coggins, CPC, MS

Life & Personal Development Mentor

My skill set consists of mentoring, academic life coaching, personal development coaching, general life coaching/assistance, and life coaching germane to LGBTQ+ issues.
Sometimes, people just need to be helped through a process of being listened to, validated, affirmed, and guided. This is what life coaching does. It helps. I do virtual/online coaching via e-mail, which I find is more convenient and can be just as effective as in-person life coaching. Plus, online coaching alleviates expenses for both coach and coachee. I offer my virtual services free of charge via Mentspot. Your time and consideration are appreciated. After a period of absence from Mentspot to pursue other educational opportunities, I have returned to mentoring on this site, and I check messages every other day.

Although, I provide life coaching free of charge via Mentspot, if you'd like to give a donation, you may do so at the following:

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What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect for the mentee to approach the life coaching process with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

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Reviews From 9 Mentees:


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Written about about 4 years ago

He's really nice. Has helped me not just once but twice now in different situations. He finds time for you. Such an Eye-opener. Has in depth knowledge on so many topics
so if you wanna be mentored then this is the guy.

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Written about about 6 years ago

Very helpful and insightful mentor

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Written about over 6 years ago

Do this to many others who are to come). You are a life-saver!

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Written about over 6 years ago

Jarvis is very helpful to me. I think he helps bring out the best in me. Conversation (online) with him is a joy because he is encouraging and realistic. Thank you Jarvis!!

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Written about about 8 years ago

Great listener and great advice thus far... Thanks Jarvis

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Written about over 8 years ago

great advice

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Written about over 8 years ago

Great mentor!

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Loves to listen except we're still in progress.

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Written about almost 9 years ago

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