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Do you want to learn to leap in your job and career? We all need to do this faster and more often in today's world. I will help you develop and grow beyond what you believe about yourself - to enhance your current job performance, progress your career or gain a more meaningful future and work identity. With 20 years experience as a coach/mentor and people developer, clients say I help them get clear about their job and career direction, who they want to be, build the confidence to pursue it, take decisions and act on them. "Inspiring and motivating", "trusted", "warm and engaging", "holds us to account", "unfailingly professional", "a dream career coach". If that's what you want, get in touch!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

You can expect from me a professional, calm and warm approach. A listener who takes the whole person into account. As someone who is trustworthy, does what he says he will, with strong integrity, I expect the same from you. I'll hold you accountable and expect you to hold yourself accountable too. That's if you're serious about change. Ready to try something new and some healthy stretch? Expect to have 3 x 30-minute sessions over an agreed period.

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