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Hi! I'm that guy with the big smile. My energy and charisma might be too much for some people to handle (but always good for the soul!). I'm that guy who will tell you to forget the rules and do what you feel is right. Talk to me once, and you'll feel comfortable telling me just about anything. Why? Because I genuinely listen and care. I'm the teacher that loves to teach, the sibling that loves to share, the uncle who loves to play, the son who gives, the friend who listens, the real estate agent that is trustworthy, and a person just like you.

Why I do this
My purpose in life is to inpsire growth and happiness amongst those I come into contact with. My thoughts and reflections are intended to serve you with positivity, action, and mindfulness. We often tend to become complacent with doing enough to just get by without ever realizing our true potential as human beings. We are gifted and full of ambition, sometimes we just need a reminder. 

Check out my blog to get an idea of how I think: dgjunior539.wix.com/blog

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect, honesty, a warm heart, ambition, and the desire to just want to do it no matter how scary it migth seem.

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