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Hello potential mentor, my name is Elena. I am a junior in high school in a small town in Oklahoma. I also attend a technical school for website design. My grades however are regrettably low. Up until Freshman year i was a straight A student. My gpa is now a regrettable 2.28, not because I am incapable but because of my previous lack of ambition, but I intend on making the come back of the century. A comeback people will write about, a comeback which inspires high school students, like myself, ten years from now to write about. You see i plan on getting out of this honky tonk town and making it in the big leagues in a culturally rich city. The only problem is i need a little help. I have less than an idea of what i want to do in my life. I am a creative, hard working person, who has laser focus, nothing and no one will stand in my way... but that's as far as I've gotten. I am looking for a dedicated mentor who is as focused as I. So with your help I know we can have an enriching experience as both mentor and mentee.

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