Marinos Constantinides

Life & Personal Development Mentor

It has become my life mission to be able to create a possitive change around me. A change that will create a ripple effect on other people too.

Throughout my life I have been blessed to be close to certain people and circumstances that have pushed me to expand my spirit, my mental state and physical being.

Through the study of successful individuals, the constant drive for excellence and being pro-active (and sometimes reactive) on life's struggles, I have managed to develop a certain mindset that keeps me going.

"The only way through, is through", "Let go and let God" and "It is not what happens to you that determines what you get in life, it is what you do" are some of my life's principles.

Since I have been able to positively impact people on a personal level and have already seen the results in their life, I am now ready to take the next step and help anyone who wishes to overcome anything they want in life.

It would be great to get to contribute to more people so if for any reason you have something that you want to improve, change, talk about it or anything your heart desires, I am here to assist.

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  • Member since over 6 years

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