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Hello, all! My name is Michael, and I am here to help you get your life to the level you've always wanted! I was recently a high school drop out who was going nowhere. I was working for $8.00 an hour at Walmart, and I was spending all my money on drugs and other liabilities.

After some time, I ended up getting fired from Walmart. This incident resulted in me not having a job for about a year. I finally started working on myself. I did this every single day for a little over a year until I decided, "it is time" so I enrolled back in school. The crazy thing about it was, I applied myself, and I succeeded!

It proved to me that effort does make a huge difference! Just because you haven't been able to achieve your goals today, doesn't mean you can't smash them tomorrow! That's why I am here, to help guide you through the unknown and help you reach that next level in your life.

Now, I am currently starting up this coaching business as well as doing some consulting on the side. My mission is to help YOU start living the life you deserve! Although I do not have extensive training *YET* I have personal experience of overcoming failures and never giving up!

I look forward to helping you on your journey to success!

What I Expect From A Mentee:

I expect my mentee to meet at lease once per week to cover what she/he has been working on and to keep developing a plan for success!

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