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Hello. My name is Nikesha Wallace and I am attempting to lift a company Comfort Coach Products from ground up.
I created the mission and vision and am also an inventor attempting to bring to market my first product. SafeJourneys Coachie, a car companion and headrest for children to sleep comfortably and safely during transportation.
I have never done either before but here I am with a company and a patent, and with few programs and small family invest of about 15,000 in total, I have completed product development, patent process created and LLC and have found a great manufacturer here in my city ready for production. I have 3 members who assist me.
I need some serious mentoring for I promise that I am one of the individuals amongst us who will bring life changing inventions into our world, starting with children. I am driven by philanthropy. I assure you that by helping me you are helping the world around you. Yet, here I am as a beginner and am finding myself greatly challenged however I never give up, especially since experincing what I have, having nothing and little direction in life, to inventing a loving product, patenting it and creating a crowd of people and company who believe in our future, in me.
If you truly are a mentor and are looking for individuals worth your time, as I see it is and has been being put to much use that even a 24 hour day may not be able to find, I assure you that you will never be disappointed by me, but that you will never forget the experience and who and what you helped introduce into business and the world. Please give me consideration of your nentoring and time.

What I Expect From A Mentor:

Commitment of a mentor should be encompassed of the entire reason any one of them have for being here. Belief and straightforwardness without flattery and and encouragement that is without complete genuineness.
As many times a week as they would provide me I will take. I will move my schedule around for you. If you find passion in true stories with a thin beginning and strong ending, helping someone who in turn has great desire with genuine ideas to bring extra live, support and encouragement through business, product and organizations; you will never regret but be beyond grateful to yourself that you gave me a chance and your time.
I'm the one that they never seen coming, the one counted out long ago, but I am also a future colleague that you will love to see succeed.
I am not here because I am without focus, purpose and passion, nor am I here because I lack wit or insight; but I am here because I believe in the wisdom of teachers and understand that in life we are all students that merely graduate to a higher grade, and that without strong direction even kings fall. And I'm no king, but what I work to bring into the world is no popsicle shop, and even that requires the right knowledge, but it is a massive heart of service in consideration of my fellow humanbeings. I will honor your time and advice and help, your mentoring, until the day I no longer breathe. Please consider me for your invaluable time and energy.

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