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I am a talented 33 yr old individual with So much I want to accomplish and be successful in. I am a God fearing Man. I love Nature, Making Music, Body building, Pitbull Bully Dogs and cooking. I have 1 biological son that is 15 and a baby girl on the way I grew up in San Bernardino Ca but live in Abilene Tx. Raised by a single mother with two siblings. Living on a farm and off the land is my dream. All my life I been around alot of negative people and family and I'm trying to change that. I'm so tired of Procrastinatin'- I just want more positive people on my life to help me be the great man I was destined to be. I know I have the heart, drive and will power to do whatever I put my mind to and it's alot of beautiful thing going on in my head. I'm not perfect made plenty of mistakes but I believe I learned from them all. I'm ready to be a new person that people can look up to and say good things about. I just want to be loved and remembered......

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