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Hi, I'm a 35 year old man, live in SW Birmingham. I've been developing skill swaps with other people and they have worked really well so far. I'm looking for an 'accountability partner' to check in with every hour to aid productivity.

I'm basically developing links to aid professionalising good public policy ideas. I work with economists and other thinkers and a British businessman who wants to start a political party (centrist, pragmatic).

I can offer help with

mentoring (achieving your potential - have a good track record of helping intelligent but under-performing people acheive their potential)
websites (getting set up including a professional wordpress theme, hosting, URL purchase, tuition etc.)
tutoring (Maths, Physics, Economics, Statistical Software - R)
idea generation and problem solving

I'm also developing a skill-swap currency.

Here' my blurb about my requirements:

I'm an 'ideas person' with a contract to write a book on tax and benefit reform. I'm really excited my the topic and have lots of ideas about it - in some ways it's my dream job. I'm also a part time mentor with a good track record of helping intelligent but under performing people reach their potential; (I'm also an editor and offer beautiful wordpress websites, can teach maths, physics and economics and R statistical software!). As I'll mention I now need some help myself.

Trouble is, I'm a little scatty and have always found writing quite difficult - even though I have lots of ideas which I'd like to write about.

I find it very helpful the practice of having someone to 'check in' with every hour. After each hour we'd check each other's progress, offer tips and encouragement.

For example, we might call to decide on what we are going to do, exchange messages after an hour (to check in with progress) and then call (for 5 minutes) after two hours. After a break, we'd repeat.

This will require around 10x 5min per day - i.e. 1 hour per day, fragmented over the day. I'm interested in offers: either a skill swap (like for like; or website/editing/mentoring/tuition) .

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