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I am a domestc violence suffer since 1992 and nevet once excaped the syndrome of sexual ,emotional, and physical strong and is challenged to be stronger which makes me stand alone and in need of friendship i dont trust exist...paying attention and tuning in to mature adult relationships doesnt help...i tryed to work my issues out and issues that wasnt the case but may arise on the. side if my male luck has sealed me un a box if lonely hardship in a loud world whete knowledge us si high im frightened that everyone in a horrific love situation only is sending invutations over the air African American mixed with American Indian...long hair usually...thats pretty short now...medium perm at 51 since February 15th...everyday current style of dtess that is diverse in every feminate article of clothing...ive been in one relationship from the age if 15 to 26...since... ive been so sensitive to sexual simulation only strong attractions suffice...but everyone sexually disturbs me because im not sexually free after 25 years of celibacy. ..ive had four sexual liaisons lasting one to one week in a duration of one year...i stoped because men was not ready to woukd love an insight on how to break my self built barriers down gracefully and i seek male counsel...hoping for earned trust so i can see clearly what my options for heteral sexual involments with men my age are...on an open minded bases of everything but options with those here of the African American rainbow...faiths of exceptance...thank you...please advise at your earliest conveniece...i have know where else to turn that may be able to help...hopefully seeking...Renee Selma Slayton

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