Life & Personal Development Mentee

I heard about this opportunity from a friend and I love the idea of positive support also guidance of people who have already accomplished and are currently in the places that I want to be I love to grow in advance and improve on a daily basis I am very goal-oriented and I feel the power of sharing your goals with somebody is far greater to accomplish them then just keep them to yourself I want so having the support to bounce ideas and thoughts off of someone who has already been there and done what you're looking to do is a very powerful tool to success in all areas of life I am very open-minded and willing and coachable I love to take a good advice and put it to good use

What I Expect From A Mentor:

What I expect from a mentor is accountability.. positive conversations about action plans and steps to conquer goals and follow-ups on.. also someone who's willing to share their experience strength and Hope and what works for them and what didn't work for them guidance in all areas of life

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