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I'm a breast cancer patient I live with my son Jacob .he is 27 I'm a volunteer at a women's shelter for battered women. Butt my consider about Jacob he is on disability he has mental disorder OCD .Jacob is by himself his only interaction is with my ex-husband , he is a bad influence on Jacob for he is an alcoholic drug addict .I'm 57 not in very good health . I'M consider if something happened to me . What would happen to Jacob . He is a big hearted person and early mislead . I'm a Christian I have been praying for JACOB for God to send someone into his life He doesn't want anyone telling him what to do . So my problem is His Dad is going to get him into trouble . I have no family Jacob has a sister butt she wants nothing to do with either of us . So all I have is friends at the shelter . So I would love to have someone to mentor Jacob .

What I Expect From A Mentor:

To guide my son Jacob so that he can be independent person and to get medication to help him with his mental disability.

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