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It's difficult to encapsulate my needs here. Mainly, I need guidance in terms of the best way for me to effectively navigate society and successfully live in it, while attempting to achieve my goals. My goals include making my family unit stronger and improving my community, from my neighborhood up through city, state, country and even saving the planet and our entire human race. Yes, I have ideas that address such problems as World peace, World Hunger, Climate Change and disease eradication. I am 45 years old, twice divorced and recently remarried. I am a new college student at a local community college and feel it is mostly tedium and hoop jumping but understand it may be my only road to being taken seriously. I did not even complete high school but was considered for full ride scholarship to Johns Hopkins prior to me being kicked from school in the 10th grade. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I have a history of self destructive behavior. I feel I have a great deal to contribute to society. I have theories on how to solve huge worldly issues. I have pondered such huge issues and studied them (in non-academic settings) my entire life. I long to be a participant and to contribute. I just need some guidance. Help, please!

What I Expect From A Mentor:

I expect from a mentor a person who has some insight and guidance based on asking me the right questions, listening to my answers, developing an understanding of who I am and then guiding me, using their own experiences, education and perhaps spirituality/morality as a tool to help me to shape my own life experience. This person's beliefs do are not required to be the same as mine, but should follow a similar point of view.

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